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The Fairfax Media-owned Domain Group was the first large tenant to sign up for accommodation at 100 Harris Street, a newly refurbished heritage warehouse in Pyrmont. This 1890’s building, Wool Store, has been revived through refurbishment, now with new significance and bursting with life. All involved with this refurbishment where focused on adaptive reuse and delivering a sustainable design. Siren Design’s vision delivered a fresh and functional, professional fitout space with offices and team spaces, all delivered by Shape with high quality finishes and with respect to the heritage of the building. The flexibility provided by the combined 8,600 square meter space gives’s team outstanding workplaces.


BSE delivered full services, electrical, mechanical, fire, hydraulic, and communication services, for the design, documentation and during construction of’s space.


Our services design was coordinated with the weighty architectural intent and disappeared into the open ceiling.  Our architectural lighting design partner, Julie Van Der Ley, worked with Siren Design to create lighting solutions that showcases the heritage aspect of the building, reinventing the old Wool Store space into modern contemporary offices.