12 months in and still looking great!

BSE has been delighted to be the engineering consultant delivering the design for the LinkedIn Sydney office fitout. We went back to take a look 12 months after occupation, and the space is looking great! 

LinkedIn created an Australian themed office concept in Martin Place, Sydney over 3,600 sqm that included an indoor BBQ, standing desks and a cinema / live action sports arena used to host monthly conferences among other events. 

The move happened approximately one year ago and there has been an overwhelming response from the LinkedIn staff. The space encourages the teams to have informal discussions between colleagues within and across units giving a positive working environment. 

The professional social-networking site's mission statement is to 'connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful' giving people access to jobs, news, updates and insight into what will help a user get the best possible information when applying for a job. 

BSE is pleased to have helped deliver this project and play our part in the LinkedIn revolution.