Winners for NSW MBA award – Bishop Barker House

BSE’s Sydney team is honoured to be a part of the project team for the award-winning Bishop Barker House. Through Architect Mayoh Architects, Berents Project Management and builder, Stephen Edwards Constructions, the project received the award for NSW Best Student accommodation project over $7.5 million in value. This was awarded to Bishop Barker House at the Kings School, Parramatta.

Photo Credit: Stephen Edward Constructions

Photo Credit: Stephen Edward Constructions

 The Bishop Barker Harris House project involved major additions and alterations to an existing structure to construct a new three storey boarding house. The new facility includes dorm rooms and a range of study and recreation areas.  

 BSE delivered mechanical, electrical, fire services, and vertical transportation works for all stages.

Maggie Xia (Senior Electrical Engineer) who was BSE’s team leader on the project commented “this is a fantastic success for the whole project team. This was a challenging project as we had to work within an existing building shell to create a successful outcome. Many challenges related to the engineering services were overcome during the design so that all services have been designed to compromise the existing building structure with minimum impact or penetration. All services have also been designed to suit various construction types and fire rating under bushfire hazard. We are really happy to have contributed to the success of this project”.

Photo Credit: Mayoh Architects & Stephen Edward Constructions