Revamp of TC Beirne Building & B. Lucky Sons Fit-out

The revamp of TC Beirne Building and B. Lucky & Sons’ newest gaming venue are now open to the public! BSE partnered with both project teams across to deliver base-building upgrades and tenancy fit-out to deliver these outstanding rejuvenated spaces.

TC Beirne Building, a heritage listed building located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley underwent a full base-building upgrade. BSE partnered with Funlab to revitalize the building delivering mechanical, hydraulic, gas and fire services consulting engineering.

Credit: B. Lucky & Sons

Credit: B. Lucky & Sons

Following TC Beirne’s all services upgrade, BSE partnered with Funlab to deliver mechanical fit-out services to create a relaxing and entertaining recreational space for B. Lucky & Sons within the TC Beirne Building. The new space offers customers a singular experience of entertaining new and old-school arcade games with kitchens offering pizza to prawn crackers and a full-service luxury bar.

 The approach of delivering tenancies in a building after a base building upgrade, is an approach which all of BSE’s design teams appreciate. Given the opportunity to design a tenancy space gives our engineers the ability to take full advantage of a new and well documented base-building design. This ensures a high quality, buildable and maintenance-effective outcome.