Our specialist buildings team work across the entirety of your building project, communicating with all stakeholders so that not only are your building services completed perfectly, but we’re enhancing other processes where possible.


Our specialist interiors team ensures design always complements the architects plans, not ignores them, leaving your services blended seamlessly with your interior for the perfect mix of functionality and design.

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The main purpose of a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning system is to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration to provide thermal comfort. HVAC systems are among the largest energy consumers in buildings so the choice and design of the HVAC system can have a great impact on occupier comfort within a space.

We have a track record of delivery of many large and complex HVAC systems employing leading edge technologies to deliver optimum energy and cost efficiency.

Some of our recent mechanical projects include:

Retail: IKEA stores at Tempe NSW and Springvale VIC
Residential: “The Residents”, a 28-level prestigious luxury apartment complex in Sydney
Aged Care Facilities: The Gracewood Kellyville for the Baptist Community Services
Office Building Upgrades: at North Ryde for the Dexus Group
Universities: Various projects undertaken at Macquarie University.


Using the latest software and technology, BSE Electrical Engineering and our Green Star Accredited Professionals deliver customised services for clients that ensure maximum reliability and optimum efficiency of equipment and systems.

Our engineers understand the current commercial landscape, public awareness and the need to substantially reduce the demands for energy consumption, associated greenhouse emissions and running costs while maintaining the ‘invisible functionality’ as the core of every successful building project.

With the introduction of mandatory disclosure on energy efficiency, BSE Electrical Engineering are astutely conscious of asset value, future marketability for better performing buildings and the need for a greater investment in energy efficiency.


With population growth and climate change always on the radar, BSE recognise the challenges facing Australia’s future water consumption and usage. As a result, we have created specialist solution which include the most recent advances and world’s best practice technology. The aid of the latest computational tools and software helps us deliver innovative solutions in Hydraulic design and engineering and waste water recycling, on-site storage and efficient usage demand analysis.

Our hydraulic designers place great emphasis on understanding the underlying hydraulic principles involved in each project to add significant value to clients in the planning and construction stages of developments.


Being properly connected across voice, data and information technology is vital in today’s business landscape and, given the rate of change, so too are ensuring these services are scalable, cost effective, ecologically viable and future-ready.

Our communications designers work with all the latest communications technology, as well as integrating with your legacy technology to build the right solution for your building and size. This includes all aspects of connectivity installation, storage, power monitoring and upgrades.


Innovative and clever lighting can breathe life into a space, enabling a statement to be made through contrast and highlights and changing the mood to almost anything from corporate to relaxing. BSE lighting engineers understand the importance of providing our clients and architect with the ability to enhance the quality of the space without compromising the budget.

Our lighting engineers make full use of their experience and in-house software programs to provide architectural and feature lighting designs across any space, from emergency lighting, to corporate spaces, industrial lighting and sports floodlighting, including appropriate luminaire selection that is fit for purpose.


BSE fire engineers work closely with clients, design teams, local authorities, fire brigades and corporate insurers to create fire protection solutions and performance plans that meet all international, national and local statutory codes and standards.

With an astute awareness of the ever-changing and demanding area of performance-based building regulations and codes, specialised computational fire modelling and a detailed knowledge of venerable installations of the past, our team is able to build solutions across:

  • Alternative solutions for building code compliance

  • Evacuation strategies and exit requirements

  • Crowd management

  • Tunnel safety and ventilation

  • Fire suppression systems

  • Fire detection and alarm systems


BSE provides a range of integrated sustainability services to help improve environmental, economic and social performance of developments. Our project delivery approach assists stakeholders and organisations to assess, quantify and manage their impact to the natural environment and adapt to changing climate conditions.

We combine creative thinking, innovative approaches and integrated strategies to deliver cost effective sustainable solutions for projects and developments. Our service covers the entire project life cycle, from inception and approval to documentation, construction and continuous operation for:

  • Sustainability and climate change

  • Green building design

  • Alternative energy solutions

  • Greening existing buildings

  • Dynamic simulation and modelling

  • Regulatory compliance