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BSE is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with a range of expertise spanning the entire building project’s life cycle. Established in 1994, we’ve built a proven track record of success in all Australian states and territories.

Our way of working

true partnership

True Partnership

Our BSE True Partner Policy formalises our ‘beyond hourly rate’ approach, ensuring we’re side by side with our clients at every stage of a project, without the traditional fee variation quibbles.

Our team of rigorously selected engineers, with customer service in their DNA, ensure you’re always talking to someone who gets it from your perspective. Combined with our unique On Time or It’s Free Guarantee* for all projects that ensures our interests are aligned, it’s no surprise that 9/10 of our clients choose BSE for their next project. 

specialist meets generalist

Specialist meets generalist

We’re specifically structured to harness the power of specialisation while holding onto the coordination and optimisation that comes with having a complete picture. 

That comes from our two specialist teams, ensuring you always get the best solution for your brief and a team of engineers who understand your specific needs. 

Complementing this specialist focus is our full range of co-ordinated engineering services across mechanical, fire, hydraulic and electrical that delivers the efficiency you’d expect from a holistic approach. 

bottom line sustainability

Bottom line sustainability

Our Sustainable Core™ policy uses ecologically sustainable development principles in all our engineering decisions, ensuring every project balances environmental and financial sustainability. 

Our Scope & Briefing Process reviews critical design factors and makes transparent payback calculations to deliver an engineering solution that optimises total cost of ownership. 

Together they allow sustainability to be built into design in a way that matches customer’s price points.

design led engineering

Design-led engineering

Our BSE 6 Stage Design Cycle™ ensures engineering works seamlessly with design from concept to completion. 

In addition we offer a complimentary kick off consultation at the start of all projects. One of our senior engineers will meet with all project stakeholders to help define the best possible design up front, giving our complete view from the start and no nasty surprises down the track.

And with our 3design Policy™ on new buildings, if it’s required, our architects will work with you on up to three design revisions without revising our quote.

Our Management Team

Andrew Fraser - CEO

Andrew Fraser - CEO

Cameron Webb - Director

Cameron Webb - Director

Stuart Johnson - NSW Director

Stuart Johnson - NSW Director

Godfrey Frederick - National Business Development Manager

Godfrey Frederick - National Business Development Manager

Brendon Newham - ACT Regional Manager

Brendon Newham - ACT Regional Manager

Iynka Logan - Victorian Regional Manager

Iynka Logan - Victorian Regional Manager

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