A touch of sparkle for the latest Quality Standard

The International Standards Organisation has recently released the updated ISO9001 as the “most effective… and relevant” refresh, adding a touch of sparkle to the world of quality management! 3 years in the making, the updates are the of hundreds of industry stakeholders, labs, academia, researchers, government and NGO’s all committed to bringing 9001 into the present. A response to the significant changes in technology, business diversity and global commerce, the standard recognises the greater prevelance of the services sector and how they deliver quality outcomes to industry.

BSE’s Sydney office recently undertook our scheduled quality system re-certification, and undertook the extra work to bring systems up to date from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015.

While certification bodies will allow companies up to 3 years to bring systems in-line with newly released standards and maintain certification, BSE’s leadership team identified the benefits to clients, project partners and operations in advancing as soon as possible.

BSE’s quality team reviewed the ISO 9001:2015 standard with a fine tooth comb and updated the quality management system and documentation accordingly. An internal training program was developed and rolled out to all Sydney team members, embracing the new standard and detailing how everyone contributes to meeting commitments. All participants were deemed competent in the QMS training.

The quality team have a comprehensive internal audit program and training platform which made the updates deemed necessary smooth to roll out across the business. 

Our team is confident that maintaining and embracing ISO 9001 certification will ensure we maintain our projects to the highest standard.   

More information is available directly from ISO: