CSR Prequalification received for BSE’s Victorian Office

BSE’s presence in Victoria continues to flourish, with the team receiving Construction Supplier Registration pre-qualification from Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance in February 2019. The Construction Supplier Register (CSR) is an open pre-qualification scheme for construction works and services suppliers for Victorian Government construction projects.

Occupational Health and Safety is a crucial aspect of BSE’s successful CSR application, prioritising the health and safety of our team members and the occupants of the spaces we design. As Designers under Section 28 of Victoria’s OHS Act 2004, our approach to design ensures that users of workspaces designed by BSE meet the requirements of the Act for our clients and project partners, by identifying hazards and eliminating or minimising the potential harm through engineering controls as far as reasonably practical.

Australia’s OHS/ WHS landscape continues with complexity despite attempts to standardise legislation and approaches across different state and territory jurisdictions. Operating across Australia, BSE’s commitment to workplace health and safety is founded on consistency and specialised local knowledge. A comprehensive system that meets the requirements of our different office and project locations while providing compliance with varying local obligations.

Combining WHS commitments under BSE’s certified quality management system (ISO9001:2015) ensures that business and project goals are aligned, while promoting safe, quality engineering design and team member health and safety.