BSE Fundraises for PIF

BSE is a passionate corporate donor of the Property Industry Foundation; their National Hard Hat Campaign is our annual (and favourite) way of including all our teams in the important fundraising work PIF do to build homes for homeless youth. Our 2019 target of $2000 which was completely smashed with $3,162 raised!

Our 2019 National Hard Hat Campaign was certainly a campaign! Our fundraising activities included a cupcake decorating competition, trivia night, brownies and PIF cookies, champagne raffle, and sweet guessing jar. The cornerstone of our fundraising each year is team members donating an hour of their pay, which is matched generously by BSE.

Gavin Hanbridge from PIF, attended our Sydney office and undertook the gargantuan task of judging our cupcake decorating competition. Participants donated $5 notes for their cupcake decoration entry, and we were blown away by the creativity and skill of the team. Wade Prendergast (Hydraulic/Fire Team Leader) took top prize with his cupcake creature that seemed to be truly alive. Our guest judge was less impressed with other creations, awarding the wooden spoon to our CEO, Andrew Fraser, for ‘most in need of improvement’ – Andrew was a great sport about it all.

Next up, brownies and PIF cookies kindly crafted by Amelia Fraser for our Melbourne office, the team getting into the giving spirit.

On Hard Hat Day itself, BSE’s Sydney office dug deeper into our pockets for a trivia night (closely won by Stuart Johnson and Godfrey Frederick), bought raffle tickets for a donated magnum of Moet and bottle of Verve champagne, and emptied their spare change for a chance to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. Adam Kelly (Mechanical Engineer) was spot on for his guess of 750 jelly beans (actual 749), and Siti Mustaffa (Mechanical Engineer) made a clean sweep of the Moet and Verve (which she will enthusiastically share with the whole office!).

The magnum was re-donated to the raffle after Jessica Chesser (National Operations Manager) won it at PIF’s Poker Night, the Verve graciously donated by a special BSE client. BSE donated all other prizes allowing all funds raised be sent directly to PIF.