Solar gains for Bunnings in Geraldton

Geraldton’s Bunnings Warehouse has installed a network of 384 solar panels (photovoltaic) on the building’s roof, making it possibly the city’s largest solar system. Buildings with a footprint or more appropriately, available roof space such as a Bunnings store are ideal for the use of the sun to generate electricity for the buildings consumption.


BSE is the national sustainability consultant for Bunnings and designed the new system and rolled out trials at numerous pilot sites before instigating a photovoltaic system implementation for Bunnings in sites across Australia.

The 100 = kilowatt system generates enough power, on a sunny day to run roughly thirty average Australian homes, and provides about 18 per cent of Bunnings total power needs at the site.

The growth in the use of solar generated power across Australia is reducing the reliance on traditional power stations to meet energy demands.

Bunnings has a very strong and ongoing commitment to sustainability across its national property portfolio and BSE is proud to be a partner of Bunnings and helping it to be as energy-efficient as possible wherever they operate.