Latest Research Shows Engineers are most highly trusted business professionals

The Engineering Cloud With A Silver Lining

Latest research conducted by Roy Morgan highlights the importance of engineers to the business community and society in general, as well as the integrity and insights they bring to the property and construction industries.

Engineers standing has increased to a new record high for their ‘ethics and honesty’ – up 2% to 80% in 2017 which puts them fifth overall and ahead of other professions in business-related fields.

Engineers rank above high court judges, police officers and accountants!

However, this awesome statistic sits in stark contrast with the reality that Australia is being warned it's headed for an engineering crisis. The number of school students wanting to study maths, science and engineering is dwindling and that could result in a shortage of students qualified to study engineering at university and continue the technology evolution.

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In today’s society, most of what we use on a daily basis embodies engineering principles. Engineers continually work out how to improve society by creating bold new solutions that connect science to life. Australia’s ambition is to become an innovative, technically progressive and globally competitive nation and this success for Australia depends on its future engineering profession.

We must find ways to ensure that we meet the demands of the future by attracting and nurturing the very best talent into the engineering sector today. Therefore, this research is a welcome ‘shot in the arm’ for the engineering fraternity and such findings can only help in redressing the drain of potential engineering talent away to other professions. Our ethics and honesty can make a difference!

At BSE, we strive to provide our engineering teams with a pipeline of engineering challenges to be solved across many areas of the property industry. Our business is run on a promise of Innovation, Collaboration and True Partnership. Our engineers match their educational talents with an unparalleled customer service. This approach is partnered with our strong commitment to quality design and engineering buildable, workable and sustainable solutions.

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of engineering innovators to BSE.

PS. We still need accountants…… least once a year!!

Full Story by Roy Morgan, 2017: